In the Chuquicamata mining camp there was a sector called the American Camp, so named because only American engineers and executives would live there. Here were the police, firemen and the first Chuquicamata hospital that made it very exclusive. There were a total of 280 houses. The materials were brought from abroad and the architecture gave space to large windows, raulí boards, pillars, facades and interiors made of Oregon pine, these would be occupied by the engineers who worked for the Chile Exploration Company.
The Social Club comes from December 1919. It was copied down to the smallest detail of a New Yersey’s venue. The plans were delivered to a Chilean engineer who implemented the site with spacious Oregon pine lounges, bowling alleys, a pool, dining rooms, and a basketball court. In the eighties it was closed due to the camp’s expansion plans. At the hotel you can find some of those books with the original reading card marked with the date of use.


Calle Tocopilla, 411, San Pedro de Atacama, II Región, 1410000, Chile