Hotel Terrantai
Calle Tocopilla 411
San Pedro de Atacama, 10, Chile
+56 55 2851140/ -852235/ -852236/ -2851045
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Imaynalla! For us, hospitality is a sacred tradition

First boutique hotel in San Pedro de Atacama, located in the village's historic center, next to the ancient church and surrounded by art galleries, crafts centers, and restaurants.

Art in Atacama

  • animitas christian boltanski

The poetics brought upon by this installation opens up to possibilities; a new optimism be- gins to arise in the work of the artist. Despite oblivion transmission is possible and therefore so is the preservation of a life that once existed. This installation also seeks to build bridges and unite worlds through culture, establishing a link through art between the community of Talabre and the contemporary art world. What one is able to see in the museum in Santiago is perhaps a myth, a faraway place with hundreds of bells that function as an image or a heart beat where all that remains in the end is just a sound. The relationship established in the work between birth and commemoration through sound reflects the cycle of life, a place the artist views as his own eventual tomb as well as the tomb of all those who are present.

Mysteries of Atacama


The name Valley of the Moon and Mars Valley was proposed in the 80s by Belgian priest "Gustavo Le Paige." These beautiful places are located in Salt Mountain Range bordering the Salar de Atacama
Since NASA experiments to evaluate road equipment until the evocation of reddish sediments of Mars make San Pedro de Atacama a remote location full of charms and surprises.

Toconao Festivity 2014

  • Tinkus Caporales

Toconao prepares 17th and 18th October for the big "fiesta patronal San Lucas" 2014. We'll dress colorful clothing thanking life, the earth and each of our spiritual beliefs. In the Atacama Desert we evoke ancient memory.