Hotel Terrantai
Tocopilla No.411
San Pedro de Atacama, 10, Chile
Tel:+56 55 285 10 45 / 55 285 11 40 / 55 285 22 35
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Imaynalla! For us, hospitality is a sacred tradition

First boutique hotel in San Pedro de Atacama, located in the village's historic center, next to the ancient church and surrounded by art galleries, crafts centers, and restaurants.

Carnival in San Pedro de Atacama

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Every year, forty days before Easter, begins the Carnival in San Pedro de Atacama. This year it starts on Sunday, February 7, extending for a week, where the people are full of color, dance and music in order to thank Mother Earth for the abundance and life.

Originating dances of the Atacama Desert

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The Altiplano is filled with colorful through dances to evoke fertility, joy and respect for Mother Earth. Parties reciprocity is preserved in the history of indigenous peoples Atacameños.