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One day in 1996 we began to build Terrantai Lodge. It arose between
longings and dreams of sharing with the explorer traveler the experiences of
inhabiting a legendary desert, remote and dreamy. We built Terrantai with adobes, lake rocks and wood aged by time, that evoke ancestral memories, legacies of the welcoming Mother Earth. It's interior spaces, rooms, walls, and corridors were cemented from an inspiration of being native of the Atacama Desert.

We are

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We live culture in every corner, activity and initiative from Terrantai. We honor the Lican Antay culture and our ancestors with typical Atacameño traditions.



When you visit us, we want you to feel relaxed and at ease. We have different spaces specially designed so that you have the opportunity to connect with yourself and the environment.

"My ancestors inhabited the Andean world for thousands of years. They explored it, cultivated the oases, climbed the sacred volcanoes, to give thanks to God. They built villages and designed their homes, in harmony with the land...



One of our missions is to take care of our environment and community, which is why we have several initiatives to save water, recycling and composting.

Our history

This respect for the environment, the subtlety of the materials, the warmth of the rocks and adobes, represent the Andean inspiration to build the Terrantai, in a sincere and humble tribute to the legacy of the native tradition of the Atacama Desert to which I belong. It is also an invitation to the traveler to rest comfortably and enjoy himself in the deep Andean silence.


-David Barrera

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